Elearning Activity Case Study

Elearning activity on tablet device

Elearning Activity Case Study

The problem:

REED-NCFE came to us with the following problem. They had 15-20 paper based resources (consisting of, word docs, pdf’s and PowerPoints) that were used in colleges across the UK. The resources contained information and activities that would help ready the students for work experience, apprenticeships or full time employment.

REED-NCFE's problem:

  • For each lesson the resources had to be printed out for each student. This could be upto 50 sheets in one lesson alone
  • Resources seemed ‘old fashioned’ in today’s digital world
  • Tutor/student interaction was limited
  • Resources were all non-uniform, in different styles, designs and formats
  • Resources and activities hard to update
  • The activities within the resources were dated and not engaging
  • There was no way of tracking/scoring how well students did in the activities

Our solution:

Working closely with REED-NCFE we came up with a solution to re-design and develop the paper based resources into digital versions and develop a user interface framework that would host them.

We developed a custom framework using HTML and JavaScript and produced individual lesson programmes similar to a ‘Prezi’ style presentation. This programme would be downloaded by the tutor and worked through with the students on a digital whiteboard. Alongside this we re-designed and developed all the paper based resources and activities and made digital versions. These could then be launched from the programme and by the student individually on their tablet, or laptop.

The result was a re-branded and revitalised set of digital resources which;

  • Helped reduce by paper usage by 85%
  • Gave better tutor/student interaction in lessons through ability to run through any activities on whiteboard and allow students to participate
  • Made resources easier to update and republish
  • Allowed for us to enhance the experience by adding in characters, audio, animations and more engaging activities
  • Gave the ability to score and track as each was SCORM compliant

What our client said:

The project is and continues to be a great success with a big increase in numbers using the programme and in new colleges wanting to use the programme and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

  • Tracy Walters - Learning Resources Manager, The REED NCFE Partnership

Key services:

  • Paper to digital conversion
  • Illustrated caracters & scenes
  • Custom HTML framework
  • Elearning activities
  • SCORM compliant

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elearning activity on tablet device
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