Bespoke delivery platform based on WordPress

A flexible alternative to an LMS

Accelerate your organisation’s learning & development with a WordPress-based training platform from ELM in partnership with Aura Software.

Attractive, rock-solid elearning delivery solutions right out of the box that won’t break your budget. Or go outside the box for highly customisable solutions and integrations with outstanding operational excellence.

What our clients are saying:

The evolution of Bright is so remarkable that we had to completely revamp our previous case study. When we first introduced the SCORM Cloud API over 10 years ago, this is exactly the vision we had in mind. We wanted people to imagine ways to deliver learning beyond traditional LMS methods.

Tammy Rutherford - Director of Accounts and Marketing, Rustici Software

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Key features:

  • Reporting in WordPress
  • Custom WordPress site
  • WooCommerce integration to sell courses
  • SCORM AND xAPI compliant
  • Full technical support service available

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