Strategic analysis & evaluation

Ensuring the solution meets needs through analysis and evaluation


Implementing a learning campaign or standalone learning intervention within any organisation is a large undertaking and can be a substantial investment, both in terms of time and money.

Our team of learning specialists will work with your learning and development team to understand the current learning proposition and the required future state.

This can be achieved through the analysis of a variety of metrics, both data driven and human centric that are both quantitative and qualitative.

Deliverables can include a detailed report on our findings with recommendations for a particular programme of learning that will achieve if not exceed your goals, to the development of a full learning strategy with specialist support from subject matter experts to achieve your short, medium and long-term organisational learning vision.

Based upon the evidence-based outputs we can also offer a fully managed learning service, so you can be sure your learning value proposition delivers development and growth as well as the necessary return on your investment.


Measurements of success are essential for any learning campaign or standalone learning intervention across several levels.

Our team of learning specialists will work with your Learning and Development team to understand the measurements of success you require, which could be the satisfaction of learners at level 1 to a new course, to a behavioural change at level 3, and business improvement and return on investment at Level 5, through a robust evaluation strategy at course, programme and organisational level.

We use a variety of tools from simple surveys to more complex assessments, to evaluate the stickiness of learning, levels of engagement, and value for money, as well as measuring how learning has changed behaviours and what this impact means for your business and your clients.

At ELM we recognise that a one size fits all approach is flawed, so although we align our evaluation services to the Kirkpatrick model, we also use our expertise to tailor this to your needs so we can ensure the results deliver the metrics you need.

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